17 September 2021 – Edition 25

Happy birthday to the following children who have their special days in the next month!

Jan 21, 2022
  • Khwezi Nkosi

    Jan 21, 2022

Nothing from Jan 15, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022.

As educators of pre covid times, the global crisis has provoked deep concerns about the multiple impacts on the children.

Covid has wreaked havoc on physical play and sensory development.  Indoor confinement and not being able to attend school during lockdown has led to the inevitable increase in screen time. In many ways, our screens have been our friends. The adverse impacts of screen time on health and well-being, especially on early child development, remain a cause of concern for us and have created a greater need for physical activity and play.

At BOFS we are fortunate enough to have a big outdoor playground and we encourage regular physical activity. This supports healthy physical development and is proven to assist memory, concentration and a positive outlook which all improve mental health and decreasing symptoms of anxiety.   

A child’s brain needs to be fed sensory-rich experiences to learn which is important for learning. When the child’s senses are engaged in an activity their brains receive input from their visual, tactile auditory and olfactory senses allowing them to engage with the world. We are consciously incorporating activities both indoors and outdoors that involve the senses making learning more memorable.  

Climbing equipment is great for sensory input to a child’s muscles and joints which builds the motor skills needed for classroom abilities such as holding a pencil and handwriting. By being encouraged to use both sides of the body, while climbing, riding a bicycle, and playing hopscotch games assists in the bilateral integration of the brain. Good bilateral integration is an indicator that both sides of the brain are communicating effectively and sharing information. Crossing the midline is an integral skill related to bilateral integration and is an important developmental skill necessary for reading and writing.

So now that we are all welcoming and enjoying the glorious Johannesburg weather, please let your child enjoy outdoor activities and start practising their bilateral co-ordination skills.

 Examples: * using both hands or both hands and feet at the same time – i.e.: dribbling a ball with both hands, kicking a ball, alternating feet and dribbling a ball

*Cross crawls – touch your right hand to your left knee and then the left hand to your right knee. Repeat touching the opposite feet,

* Skipping, alternating feet

* Pool noodle, sit on the pool noodle and row their way around the pool * riding their bicycle etc.

We are so looking forward to celebrating Heritage Day at school on Thursday 23rd and enjoying some traditional South African food. The children always look delightful in their traditional South African colours or traditional dress.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in Education,

Cheryl de Melo.

LiteracyNumeracyPerceptualLife SkillsGross Motor Skills
Find pictures beginning with a “V”.

Practise “at” words.
Complete number sequence 1-18.

Counting in 2’s.
Match objects in real life to a 3D shape. eg. cube and cylinderTalk about insects that fly and one’s that crawl.Marching
Letter “V”

Number Eighteen
Theme: Creepy Crawlies

Heritage Day

BOFS will be celebrating our “Rainbow Nation” for Heritage Day at school with a braai. Please dress your child in traditional SA clothing or South African colours.

Grades 1-3 Applications – We are Expanding

We are expanding and offering Grades 1 – 3 next year, providing an individualised approach. We are an independent school registered with the GDE. We follow the GDE calendar. Please contact us at admin@bryanstongrade0.co.za if you are interested and would like to enrol for 2022. These Grades will have small classes with personalised attention from our qualified educators.

School Times

PLEASE note as per school rules all children must be at school by 7h50 in the morning.

Collection is from 13h00-13h50. All children not enrolled in Aftercare must be collected by 13h50. The Educators use this time for preparation for the following day and are not available to collect late children. Thank you for your co-operation in this regard.

Bike Day

Please note our bike days are as follows:

Yellow – Tuesday

Red- Wednesday

Orange – Thursday

Hats and sunblock

Summer is definitely here! Please send your child’s hat and apply sunblock daily. Thank you.

New Extra-mural

We are so excited to introduce our new extramural at BOFS. Kids Development won’t only teach your child about the human body, being fit and healthy, but also benefit and improve their ability to achieve certain skills in the classroom, concentration as well as discipline. Please contact your child’s class teacher if you are interested in taking part in the extra-mural. Enrolment forms will be available next week.

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