22 October 2021 – Edition 29

Happy birthday to the following children who have their special days in the next month!

Jan 21, 2022
  • Khwezi Nkosi

    Jan 21, 2022

Nothing from Jan 15, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022.

Dear Bryanston Grade 0 and Foundation Phase Parents,

Communication is essential and we strive to connect to our learners, parents and families, and community each and every day. We will continue reaching out to you with weekly newsletters, calls and WhatsApp messages and channel mobile. We also encourage you to visit our website and follow our social pages including Facebook and Instagram, for announcements, information, and celebrations.

One of our aims at BOFS is to develop the child’s responsibility and to encourage them to use their own initiative. Please assist us by encouraging this at home as well. Set expectations and assign easy and age-appropriate tasks and chores for your child. e.g. hanging up towels after bath time, putting pyjamas away in the mornings. Teach them to plan e.g. putting out their uniform for the following morning, packing their Library book for the return date, etc. If they are having to complete daily tasks this will also enable them to become more responsible with their personal belongings at school. Shower them with praise. Positive reinforcement will teach your child that his efforts are appreciated and important.

Household chores can be the perfect arena for teaching responsibility. Give your children age-appropriate chores, starting incrementally. If they have never washed the dishes before, have them wash the plastic plates and cups before moving onto breakables.

As a parent, you are the supervisor, so there’s no risk of your child failing in public, yet they have a chance to take on a task and complete it on their own. Taking on chores not only helps your child become more responsible, but it can also raise their self-esteem and lets your child know how important it is for everyone in the family to chip in. Stepping back also means letting your child “fail” once in a while, which helps them build their resilience. Choose simpler and “low stakes” moments to allow them to flounder occasionally.

Allowing children to do more on their own nurtures their natural drive to be self-sufficient and independent. We’re helping them own their responsibilities without relying on others for everything. And you can’t beat the pride they feel when they get something done.

Responsibility is something all children need to learn. … Taking responsibility is not just about how the choices your child makes affect her, but also how her choices and actions affect others. Being responsible can help your child feel important and like she is contributing to both the family and the community.

By not teaching children responsibility, we’re not doing our primary job of raising future adults.

As always, we wish to express our sincere gratitude toward our entire school community. We would not be the amazing school that we are without the help and support of all of you.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Best Wishes,

Cheryl de Melo.

LiteracyNumeracyPerceptualLife SkillsGross Motor Skills
* Introduce the letter/sound
* Xx
* Initial sound
* End sound

Count in 2’s up to 20

Auditory memory
Say 5 words
let your child repeat all 5 words in the correct order.

Describe each season. What is your favourite season and why?Let your child lie on their stomach and lift up their head, chest, and arms.
Add to the fun by rolling a ball towards your child.

School Times

PLEASE note as per school rules all times must be strictly adhered to for the smooth operation of the school. All children must be at school by 7h50 in the morning. The academic day finishes at 13h00 for the Grade 0’s and at 13h30 on a Monday and Wednesday for Foundation Phase learners. The Educators use this time for preparation for the following day and are thus not available to supervise the “late” children. When Aftercare starts all the children enrolled in Aftercare are brought into the Aftercare room for lunch. It is awkward and unfair for the children not enrolled to be excluded. Please adhere to all school times. Thank you.

Bike Day

Please note our bike days are as follows:

Yellow – Tuesday

Red- Wednesday

Orange – Thursday

Hats, Water bottles and Sunblock

Summer is definitely here! Please send your child’s hat, water bottle and apply sunblock daily. Thank you. Please make sure everything is labeled.

The Youth is the Hope of our Future!
We are aiming to BUILD a BETTER World by PARTNERING with our BOFS learners.
The ENERGY of our children is UNMATCHED.

May you ALWAYS SHINE Bright!
The WORLD is your OYSTER!

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