23 September 2021 – Edition 26

Happy birthday to the following children who have their special days in the next month!

Jan 21, 2022
  • Khwezi Nkosi

    Jan 21, 2022

Nothing from Jan 15, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022.

Dear BOFS Parents,

As Term 3 draws to a happy end what a wonderful opportunity for us as a school to rejoice in the diversity and delight of all our Rainbow nation children!! We celebrated Heritage Day at school together with all the teachers, staff, and children by dressing up in traditional clothing, dancing to South African music, eating customary food and braaiing. 

Heritage Day on 24 September is a day to remember and celebrate the cultural wealth of our nation. On this day we as South Africans celebrate the day by remembering our cultural heritage, beliefs, and traditions of the many cultures that make up the population of South Africa and in the wider context a nation that belongs to all of its people.

Heritage Day is a day that celebrates South Africa’s roots and our rich, vibrant, and diverse cultures. At school as proud South Africans of our beautiful “Rainbow Nation,” it is our goal to nurture, embrace and be accepting of the diversity of all South African cultures that are part of our school and beautiful country. BOFS embodies and takes pride in the culture of the different children that make up the school.

In 1996 Nelson Mandela the father of our nation addressed Heritage Day saying that the day will allow the country’s heritage to help build a new nation, and in 2008 the holiday was finally embraced as the National Heritage Council endorsed National Heritage Day.  Since then, we have as South Africans celebrated Heritage Day by choosing to dress up in their traditional clothes and by celebrating in different ways the many different cultures that make up our wonderful nation.    

Wishing all our parents and children a Happy Heritage Day celebrating being truly proudly South African. Our culture and our heritage define our present and future and are one of the most precious things we have.

As a representative of Bryanston Grade 0 and Foundation Phase school, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation to all our parents for your ongoing support in these different times. We have been delighted by the very positive comments received. I am sure we don’t always get everything right, but your co-operation is much appreciated.

Don’t forget if you have any queries or need assistance we are here to help. You are welcome to call me on 0822833770 or email cdemelo@bryanstongrade0.co.za

Have a FANTASTIC long weekend.   

Proudly South African

Cheryl De Melo

LiteracyNumeracyPerceptualLife SkillsGross Motor Skills
Revise letters:
Revise numbers

Laterally (left and right)
Practise laterality on paper
Writing from left to right
Revise home address and telephone numberPractise ball skills using different sized balls
Practise writing
Numbers 1-18
Ball skills

Civvies on Term 3 Break up Day 1 October

The children can wear civies next Friday the 1st of October for break-up day. We will be closing at 11 am. There will be no aftercare on break-up day. Aftercare will resume at the start of term 4.

Term 4 begins on Monday the 11th of October.

Parent’s Meetings Tuesday 28th September

Next Tuesday there are Parent Meetings by invitation. If you did not receive an invite and want to discuss your child’s progress with the Educator, please contact them for a time slot.

Grades 1-3 Applications – We are Expanding

We are expanding and offering Grades 1 – 3 next year, providing an individualised approach. We are an independent school registered with the GDE. We follow the GDE calendar. Please contact us at admin@bryanstongrade0.co.za if you are interested and would like to enrol for 2022. These Grades will have small classes with personalised attention from our qualified educators.

School Times

PLEASE note as per school rules all times must be strictly adhered to for the smooth operation of the school. All children must be at school by 7h50 in the morning. The academic day finishes at 13h00 for the Grade 0’s and at 13h30 on a Monday and Wednesday for Foundation Phase learners. The Educators use this time for preparation for the following day and are thus not available to supervise the “late” children. When Aftercare starts all the children enrolled in Aftercare are brought into the Aftercare room for lunch. It is awkward and unfair for the children not enrolled to be excluded. Please adhere to all school times. Thank you.

Bike Day

Please note our bike days are as follows:

Yellow – Tuesday

Red- Wednesday

Orange – Thursday

Hats and Sunblock

Summer is definitely here! Please send your child’s hat and apply sunblock daily. Thank you.

New Extra-Mural

We are so excited to introduce our new extramural at BOFS. Kids Development won’t only teach your child about the human body, being fit and healthy, but also benefit and improve their ability to achieve certain skills in the classroom, concentration as well as discipline.

Please enrol online with the following link: https://my.forms.app/form/6148c4c62f6a6e3fadcfc7f7

HUGE SPECIAL…Valid for 1 week only, from 27th to 30th September 2021.

If you would like to advertise in our weekly newsletter, please email admin@bryanstongrade0.co.za

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