27 August 2021 – Edition 22

Happy birthday to the following children who have their special days in the next month!

Jan 21, 2022
  • Khwezi Nkosi

    Jan 21, 2022

Nothing from Jan 15, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022.

                              SPRING DAY Friday 3rd September

Aah, Spring is just around the corner.  As winter draws to a close, all of us in our beautiful South of Africa are preparing to embrace the season of rebirth and rejuvenation. From the blooming of the West Coast flowers to the perfect outdoor venues for celebrating and long warm, sunny days. As South Africans, climate-wise, we have everything we need and more!

The arrival of spring brings more daylight, so we can enjoy the energy that is no longer needed to fight off drowsiness. The increased light also triggers the release of serotonin production, a brain chemical that positively affects our mood that helps us feel happier and elated.

Spring is a time for making choices and taking inspired action. It is about establishing commitments and leaping forth – feeling full with the drive to start new projects and draw clear boundaries.

As adults, we will all be walking energetically exhibiting our feelings of happiness and confidence with a SPRING IN OUR STEP 😊

BOFS will be welcoming Spring Day and celebrating this great time of the year on Friday the 3rd of Sept. This will take the form of a mini-fair, which will be held during school hours (9h00 -12h00).  The children will be participating in several Spring Day activities to make the day festive and exciting. The Activities will include; Baking Spring Biscuits, making our own freshly squeezed orange juice, Spring Bracelets, Face Painting, Cornflour Goop, painting, and bubble play in the blow-up pool. The cherry on the top and always the most enjoyable amongst the children is the Sports activity. This includes an egg and spoon race, potato sack racing, obstacle courses all conducted in a non-competitive manner.

 Spring Day is also Civvies Day; please dress learners in any bright colours, as we will be spending the day outside doing activities of which some are quite messy, please don’t dress them in special clothes. Please make some sort of Spring hat for your children, as you are aware, all children love dressing up. Please apply sunblock and send an extra bottle of water.

We look forward to spending a fun-filled day with our enthusiastic children.

LiteracyNumeracyPerceptualLife SkillsGross Motor Skills
Introduce ‘W”
Draw 3 “w” pictures
eg warthog
Introduce no 17
10 +7= ____
Count to 7
Is it odd/even?
Match an object to a 3D shape
eg a ball with a sphere
What happens in Spring?Make your own obstacle course:
– jump
– crawl under etc
– go around it

Letter: W,w
Number Seventeen
Theme: Spring

Grades 1-3 Applications – We are Expanding

We are expanding and offering Grades 1 – 3 next year, providing an individualised approach. We are an independent school registered with the GDE. We follow the GDE calendar. Please contact us at admin@bryanstongrade0.co.za if you are interested and would like to enrol for 2022. These Grades will have small classes with personalised attention from our qualified educators.

Summer Uniforms

As the weather is now warming up, please send your child to school with their hats. They are also welcome to wear their summer uniform. Please ensure everything is clearly labelled.

School Times

Children need to be at school before the start of the academic day at 8 am so that they can settle and be ready for learning. School ends at 1 pm and the children may not be collected before this time as the academic day is still in progress. The children need to be collected by 1.30 pm please unless they are in the aftercare. Please inform your drivers of these times. Thank you for your understanding.

Darren the Magician is coming on the 2nd of September to present a Safety Show to the Grade 0’s. Darren teaches about security and looking after themselves in case of danger. His show is always done in a hilarious and interactive manner.

On Thursday a puppet show was enjoyed by all.

The children participated with great enthusiasm as they learnt about safety on a game drive. They were taught about wild animals as well as some of their characteristics.

The Wildlife theme is always interesting for the children. It was an interactive show and the children were able to answer questions during the show.

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