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Admissions Policy

As an Independent school, the school’s management team has determined the Admissions Policy. This Policy has been made available to the Department of Basic Education and the Gauteng Department of Education with whom we are registered.

To read our full admissions policy, please download our document on the link below, or read it here.

Download Admissions Policy

Application for Enrolment

Required documentation

Please note that the following documentation is required to be submitted with the application form. Applications without the correct documents will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.

South African Citizens

  • Learner’s official Unabridged birth certificate or Abridged birth certificate
  • Learner’s latest school report
  • Copy of Father/Guardian ID document
  • Copy of Mother/Guardian ID document
  • Legal guardianship documents or supporting documents must be provided when the parent is not the natural parent of the child.
  • Where parents are divorced we need a copy of the Divorce Decree
  • Copy of Municipal or Eskom account – (APPLY TO HOME OWNERS ONLY)
  • Copy of Lease Agreement and Statement – (APPLY ONLY TO PROPERTY LEASING) (must be original – not older than 2 months). If rental from friend or relative – provide affadavit
  • Proof of Mother/Guardian work address (Letter from company or a business card)
  • Proof of Father/Guardian work address (Letter from company or a business card)
  • Copy of CK/CC documentation in a case of Self employment
  • Copy of Immunisation card
    R150.00 non-refundable Administration Fee – We do not have card machine – EFT only

Non-South African Citizens

  • Certified copy of the work permit in respect of the parents / guardians.
  • Certified copy of the temporary or permanent resident permit from the South African Department of Home Affairs.
  • Certified copy of the refugee permit for both the applicant and the applicant’s parents. If your permit is due to expire before the child’s studies are finished – then provide suitable proof for an extension.
  • In all other cases – a certified copy of the temporary residence document for the applicant and the applicant’s parent.
  • A study permit is not required at the time of application, however, upon admission for enrolment, the applicant must have the permit showing Foundation phase and Grade 0 approved.

Application Forms

Contact us!

If you have any questions about admissions, please contact Mrs Wendy Bolle on +27 11 463 7926 from 08h00 to 13h00, Monday to Friday.

Alternately, use the form below to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Fee Structure

Application and admission fees

A fee of R150 is payable on application. An admission fee of R5000 is payable on acceptance of the application and is deducted from the Annual School Fees.

School fees

Parents are required to select one of the three payment options for 2022 fees:

  • Monthly payments are over 11 months(January to November) – payable in advance on the 1st of the month.
  • Termly payments are made by the first day of each term. There is no discount for termly fees.
  • Annual payments must be made by the 31st of January 2021. There is a 6% discount if the fees are paid annually.

Note: All school outings, visual screening , auditory screening, language screening, and stationary are included in the school fees.

Grade 00 5 000 40 000 1 000 46 000 43 300 4 X R11 500 11 x R 3 935
Grade 0 5 000 45 500 1 000 51 500 46 500 4 X R11 625 11 x R 4 225
Grade 1 5 000 45 500 1 000 51 500 46 500 4 X R11 625 11 x R 4 225
Grade 2 5 000 45 500 1 000 51 500 46 500 4 X R11 625 11 x R 4 225
Grade 3 5 000 45 500 1 000 51 500 46 500 4 X R11 625 11 x R 4 225

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