12th November 2021 – Edition 32

Happy birthday to the following children who have their special days in the next month!

Jan 21, 2022
  • Khwezi Nkosi

    Jan 21, 2022

Nothing from Jan 15, 2022 to Feb 15, 2022.

Dear Parents,

I hope you all had a good week. The year just seems to be racing by!

As you are aware we view our BOFS parents as partners in educating your children. So, this week I would just like to highlight a part of one of the aspects that we have focused on that is an integral and important part of the school day. We are aiming at developing the children as a whole. After all, children are multi-dimensional “whole” beings whose development is complex and rich. Beyond just teaching academics we are nurturing and placing emphasis on the children’s development in their relationships, identity, emotional skills, and overall well-being.

The support by caring, connected Educators of the pupils in their care at an early stage in their formal education helps to build a solid foundation for their future, preparing them to successfully manage their emotions and behaviours. This in turn facilitates the children’s ability to establish caring relationships with others and interact in groups.

The brain’s capacity develops most fully when children feel emotionally and physically safe; and when they feel connected, engaged and challenged. The teachers are constantly encouraging the building of constructive relationships, including trust in the teacher and positive emotions such as interest and excitement, which in turn open up the mind to learning. They support and reassure the children when experiencing negative emotions, such as fear of failure, anxiety and self-doubt, which reduce the capacity of the brain to process information and learning.

These are the skills that help kids build confidence, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, collaborate with others, navigate social situations, develop strong relationships and make better decisions. Without a doubt, these abilities are critical for all learners. There is also a strong link between a positive E.Q and the child’s approach to learning. In my years as a teacher, I know there is just not enough time for everything. So often, social and emotional learning gets put on the back burner to other important skills like reading, writing and maths.

Teachers and parents have great opportunities to affect the children’s emotional and thus educational outcomes. The Teachers are making an effort to be the best role models for students on how to regulate emotions appropriately in the classroom. The impact of emotions between teacher and students also plays a strong role in the development of teaching style. The teachers are thus making a concerted effort to demonstrate good intellectual, moral, emotional and social development and promote the same among the children.

There are many ways that parents can promote positive social and emotional development. Talk to them about managing their emotions. Encourage problem-solving and how they can actually resolve something. Reading stories to your child about the way the character in the story solved a problem is also effective. To me, empathy is one of the most critical skills for our children to develop. It is the foundation for considering how others think and feel so that we can respond in socially appropriate and compassionate ways.

Children need good social-emotional skills to be successful at school, at home and for the rest of their lives.

So let us make a concerted effort to build competent, emotionally equipped motivated little people!

Yours in Education,

Cheryl de Melo.

LiteracyNumeracyPerceptualLife SkillsGross Motor Skills
* Revise p-i-n
* Find words that rhyme with:
eg. tin,sin,fin

* Doubles:
1+ 1=
all the way to

* Count in 2’s to 20

Look for 3 objects that have the same properties in each different group:
* Wood group
* Metal group
* Glass group
Talk about what creatures you find under the sea.Make a simple obstacle course at home.
Go under,over,hop,balance etc. over objects.
Foundation Phase Daily Homework sheet is in their Homework Book.
Theme : Under the sea

Wacky Water Works

As you may be aware next week from Monday 15th November there is a possibility that we will have no water at the school, while the water repairs are being carried out. Please send your child to school with 2 water bottles every day and a pack of wet wipes. We will ensure that the toilets are flushed and cleaned regularly. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

School Times

PLEASE note as per school rules all times must be strictly adhered to for the smooth operation of the school. All children must be at school by 7h50 in the morning. The academic day finishes at 13h00 for the Grade 0’s and at 13h30 on a Monday and Wednesday for Foundation Phase learners. The Educators use this time for preparation for the following day and are thus not available to supervise the “late” children. When Aftercare starts all the children enrolled in Aftercare are brought into the Aftercare room for lunch. It is awkward and unfair for the children not enrolled to be excluded. Please adhere to all school times. Thank you.

Hats, Water bottles and Sunblock

Summer is definitely here! Please send your child’s hat, water bottle and apply sunblock daily. Thank you. Please make sure everything is labeled.

On Saturday the 30th of October our ballet girls did their first medal exam. They all have MEDALS. Well done girls….

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