Roxanne Klerck

5 August 2022 – Edition 24

Dear Parents, I hope you are all well and braving the chilly early mornings. With the long weekend ahead of us and some extra time on our hands, it provides a golden opportunity for the children to benefit from some quality family time. We, therefore, urge all parents to spend time playing with their children. …

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29 July 2022 – Edition 23

Dear BOFS Family, In a blink of an eye, all the children have settled back into school and the daily routine! The children in Miss Ellington’s class adjusted with ease to their new Educator and are thoroughly enjoying their new inviting Jungle themed classroom. The change of an Educator and a classroom that looked different …

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22 July 2022 – Edition 22

Dear BOFS Parents and Guardians, A warm welcome back to all parents and our fantastic children for the Third term. Wishing you all A HAPPY TERM 3! I would like to extend an extra special welcome to our new Grade 1 Educator Kristin Ellington and also to the new learners who have joined the BOFS …

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24 June 2022 – Edition 21

Dear BOFS Families, As we come to the close of the second term today, I must begin this Newsletter by wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday. The three-week holidays are definitely an opportunity for a well-earned rest for the children and also some special family time together. With reaching the end of …

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15 June 2022 – Edition 20

Dear BOFS Families, I am sure you are all looking forward to the long weekend and not having to brave the early morning icy weather for 4 days!! If you are having a family getaway, have a special time! With Father’s Day fast approaching we would like to thank all our wonderful dads for doing …

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10 June 2022 – Edition 19

Dearest BOFS Parents, I trust you are all well. I am sure you are also looking forward to the change in routine with the Winter school holidays commencing in two weeks’ time on the 24th of June. With the annual commemoration of Youth Day on Thursday 16th June, we as Educators are all trying to …

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3 June 2022 – Edition 18

Dearest BOFS Parents, WOW!!! THANK YOU SO much for the overwhelming support and enthusiasm shown at our FUN Day on Saturday! The positive feedback from all the parents and the number of parents and children that attended was FANTASTIC!! It was indeed such a Fun family Day and without your assistance and input in everything, …

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27 May 2022 – Edition 17

Dear Parents, We are so looking forward to finally having the Bike ride and the Fun day at school tomorrow with sunshine and warmer temperatures than last weekend. The children are ALL so excited about the planned Fun day. That is all they have spoken about the whole week!!!  The theme for the day is …

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20 May 2022 – Edition 16

Good morning, Parents and BOFS families, I hope you are all well and keeping warm now that we are having these crisp early winter mornings. It is with huge disappointment that we have made a decision to postpone the planned FUN DAY scheduled for tomorrow Saturday 21st. Everything was prepared for the day but the …

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13 May 2022 – Edition 15

Dear BOFS Parents and Families, I trust all our moms had a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating their special day! The children who always love festivities enjoyed relating how it was celebrated during their “Weekend News”. This past week we have had icy mornings which then turn into wonderful warm Highveld days can be a bit …

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